about us

Myrtle Beach Inc. was formed by the merger of LCI, Inc., an international corporation specializing in networking and computer control systems since 1981, and the NMB Network, a privately held company specializing in destination-specific Internet analysis, marketing, and growth strategies.

Corporate Overview

Mission Statement:

To be an integral part of Internet growth in destination-specific markets;

To give back to the communities where we do business, and to others who are in need;

To engage student involvement in the Internet presence of their specific locales.

Community Connection

Separately, before the merger that formed Myrtle Beach Inc., both LCI and the NMB Network were charter members of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce in 2000. Myrtle Beach Inc. continues to support the local chamber.

Myrtle Beach Inc. donates a portion of their resources to community service sites:

Myrtle Beach Churches
Myrtle Beach Calendar of Events
Myrtle Beach Kids
and others.

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